The Guitar and The Interpreters


Since we are not any more on the air (not our personal decision) we have decided to open this space with the  most memorable videos and famous guitarists; which also includes the youngest talents –whom promises a bright future- and have been visiting us on the air throughout these last 10 years.


Along  with Alfredo Escande, Óscar Rodríguez, Ethel Tulic, Eduardo Barca,

Karina Rossi and Juan Desiderio we have grown and formed an amazing close relationship within the group. We have worked together very hard with our only and true motive that had our passion and love: The Guitar.


Uruguay, for more than ten years had sponsored on TV these programs for all the cultured souls. They have rejoiced themselves and waited eagerly for the program to come out the air and have the chance to record in their minds and hearts all the great performances. These programs helped develop and nurture great young values and gave them the opportunity to perform for the greater general public of listeners. For sure, these programs reached more listeners than public assisting a performance on a concert.


Programs having passed for more than 10 years have seen on the screen of TV. in Uruguay, and they were rejoice of educated spirits that were waiting to watch them and checked on their  schedule to record them and  kept them in their hearts. Also, it was helping young values had the opportunity to act for a public major than a concert.


!DEAR AUDIENCE WE ARE HERE AGAIN! We want to assure you that we will have new programs and that you will enjoy dearly. We really embrace these special moments as special dates for all of you who love The Guitar.


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Thank you very much to : Sandra Albarracín Oviedo